Our Philosophy
  • The company was founded in 1989 when research showed there was a growing demand among South African women for more natural beauty products. Since then, Sh'Zen has been a pioneer in developing award-winning, high-treatment products that ensure a more beautiful body from head to toe.

    Combining an expertise in aromatherapy and cosmetic science, Sh'Zen has given birth to the most exquisite ranges - for the face, hands, feet, hair and body - and is committed to producing pure and effective beauty products.

    With this commitment and vision, we have grown from just seven products in 1989 to more than 100 today - and we are continuing to grow and blossom.

    Besides incredible support from loyal customers throughout South Africa, Sh'Zen also enjoys support from beauty therapists, chiropodists, podiatrists and even medical doctors around the country - proof indeed of the efficacy of our products!

  • Sh'Zen believes that nature has the answer to all our beauty needs. We recognise the healing and regenerative potential inherent in nature, and by harnessing these energies in our beauty products, we hope to extend the gifts that nature offers to you.

    Active essential, plant, nut and seed oils and concentrated essences all contain regenerative and reparative qualities. Working with a top cosmetic scientist and clinical aromatherapist, we expertly combine and synergise ingredients for optimum affinity with your skin.

    We know that plant energies promote our inner vitality and outer radiance - inwardly by uplifting our emotions and psyche, and outwardly by penetrating deep into our skin to repair and rejuvenate tissue on the cellular level.

    With our expertise in cosmetic science, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, you can be assured that when your buy or sell one of our products, each and every one has been formulated with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world, carefully selected and crafted with the utmost care and love into a one-of-a-kind product.

  • As a direct selling company, we know that people are our greatest asset. Sh'Zen recognises the potential and power within each individual to create the life they desire, and aims to uplift and empower through the opportunities and rewards that working with Sh'Zen offers.

    The beautiful thing about direct selling is that it is open to anyone who has the desire to share these wonderful products. It pays you to do what comes naturally - sharing and talking about what you love.

    You create your own business, suited to your individual needs and with your own personal vision, that can expand and grow with and for you. A Sh'Zen business will give you the opportunity to expand your social network, travel the world, enjoy greater flexibility, increase your income and, best of all, offer you unlimited potential for growth.

    Learn more about our business opportunity here.

  • Managing Director INGRID ALEXANDER signed up as a Sh'Zen consultant soon after the company was founded.
    She read about the business in the September 1989 issue of Fairlady, which announced Sh'Zen as the winner of the magazine's Business Starter award. She says she called the founder "on an impulse" as the products sounded special and she liked the idea of earning an extra income while still being a stay-at-home mom. It was the start of an incredible journey - one that led her and fellow consultant Glynis Richardson to buy the company in 2001. She is passionate about both Sh'Zen's products and its people. "The products are beautiful - physically and energetically. However, it's the opportunity Sh'Zen offers every woman to discover more about themselves - to grow, to become financially self-sufficient and to realise their potential - that is absolutely priceless to me."
    Director GLYNIS RICHARDSON has been with Sh'Zen since the beginning. She too
    read about the company in Fairlady, and says two words jumped
    out at her: dermatitis and treatment. "I suffered with chronic dermatitis on my hands and,
    having tried everything on the market without much success, I was ready to give
    this new range a try." The products brought her immediate relief - so much so that
    she had to share them with others. She signed up as a consultant and began one
    of the most exciting chapters of her life. Together with Ingrid, she bought the company
    in 2001 and now works as Director of Operations & Exports. She says Sh'Zen
    continues to bring her opportunities and rewards. "Every day is exciting, bringing
    new challenges and new opportunities to meet people from every walk of life!"
    National Sales Manager RENE REYNOLDS signed up as Sh'Zen consultant in 2001. "I joined simply to get the free start-up kit," she says, "but looking back, it was the best decision I ever made." Within weeks Rene had given up her full-time job to grow her own business - and become Sh'Zen's Training Manager. "My real love was, and is, motivating others. I enjoy watching women grow and achieve beyond what they think they can do - it makes me feel I have made a difference." She was appointed National Sales Manager in 2008 - a role that continues to see her leading and motivating a team of dedicated Regional Managers and Team Leaders. "I love being part of a company that feels like a second family. I've travelled the world with Sh'Zen, met phenomenal women - and have grown tremendously as a person!"
  • Tertia Marriott, consulting clinical aromatherapist and olfactory specialist, has more than 30 years experience of local and international skincare therapy. Anyone who has met Tertia will feel the warmth and joy she radiates and know her deep love for essential oils. She will always take the time to share how essential oils can heal us on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.
    John Knowlton, C.Chem, MRSC, Dip. Cos. Sci. (GB), is a world-renowned
    cosmetic scientist and MD of Cosmetic Solutions. He specialises in offering a
    wide range of consulting services to the cosmetic industry. Together with Tertia,
    he developed Sh'Zen's hugely successful facial ranges, PhytoExquisitesTM
    and Natural EssenceTM, as well as the award-winning EnneaEssenceTM range for men.
    Marianne Campbell, beauty editor, writer and stylist has years of experience in the beauty industry and knows what women love to use on their skin. She keeps our look beautiful and fresh and ensures we are always ahead of new trends in the beauty market.