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Cleansing is the first step to beautiful, healthy skin. A good cleanser removes impurities and leaves skin soft, supple and smooth. Milky in texture, light, luxurious and evanescent, the PhytoExquisitesTM Cleansing Cream lifts dirt and make-up without upsetting skin's natural moisture balance. It's ideal for dry and more mature skin as its mix of essential oils nourishes and repairs skin. Apply to fingertips and gently massage over face and neck using upward circular movements. Remove with a face cloth or facial sponges soaked in warm water.


A facial massage boosts circulation, releases tension, restores suppleness and softens signs of ageing. The PhytoExquisitesTM Facial Essence is the ideal massage medium for normal to dry skin and delivers a nourishing blend of 100% natural plant oils to feed skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines. Dispense one pump into the palm of your hand, bring both hands together and sweep up from the neck to the chin. Then separate the hands and sweep out to the ears, back to the nose, up onto the nose and onto the forehead. From there, sweep down the sides of the face to the décolletage. Repeat the sequence until the Facial Essence is completely absorbed.


A mask is the perfect way to deliver deeper hydration and concentrated rejuvenating benefits. The PhytoExquisitesTM Calming Melt-in Mask delivers concentrated comfort to leave skin plumped up and looking luminous. Apply a generous layer over the face, circling the eye socket area, and moving down onto the neck. Allow the mask to act for 10 minutes before removing it with wet cottonwool pads.


Toning, or spritzing, completes the cleansing process as it ensures that no cleansing residue is left on the skin. It also revitalises skin and prepares it for further beauty treatments. The PhytoExquisitesTM Floral Hydrating Mist has a beautiful scent that revives the senses while it delivers a hydrating mix of floral waters and essential oils to the skin's surface. Spritz it onto cottonwool pads and wipe over cleansed skin, then spritz again over the face and inhale its delicate, refreshing fragrance.


An essential part of any good beauty routine, exfoliation frees skin of dull surface debris to reveal a layer of fresh new cells and restore radiance to the complexion. Exfoliate sensitive and dehydrated skin with the PhytoExquisitesTM Deep Cleansing Balm. Bamboo micro-spheres gently exfoliate the epidermis to improve tone and texture while a hydrating synergy of plant and essential oils keeps skin soft and supple. Apply it to the face and neck using light scissoring friction movements. Remove with a hot, wet face cloth, holding it over the face for a minute then gently wiping it down over the face and neck. Repeat the hot cloth application to gently steam the skin. Exfoliate normal to dry skin with the PhytoExquisitesTM Gentle Exfoliating Cream. Massage it into skin in soft circular movements, without exerting any pressure. Rinse skin well in lukewarm water to remove all product residue, then blot it dry. Refresh skin with a spritz of Floral Hydrating Mist.


The delicate eye area is the first to show signs of fine lines and wrinkles – and needs specialised care to keep it looking smooth, firm and youthful. The PhytoExquisitesTM Eye Rejuvenator is an ultra-concentrated eye serum that protects this area and helps to minimise puffiness, dark circles, signs of fatigue and premature wrinkling. Dispense one drop onto a ring finger, touch your two ring fingers together and gently circle the eyes, starting at the outer corners and working inward without any pressure.


Special treatment products maximise the rejuvenating benefits of your facial, and help to firm skin and enhance its youthful radiance. The PhytoExquisitesTM Radiant Serum is the product of choice for sensitive, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin. Tap it into the skin with light piano-tapping movements until it's completely absorbed. Dry, lacklustre skin will also benefit from an application of the PhytoExquisitesTM Regenerating Enzyme Gel, a complexion refining gel that leaves skin visibly smoother and brighter. Again, tap it into the skin with light piano taps.


Moisture is the foundation of beautiful skin and is vital to its long-term wellbeing. Finish your home facial with an application of either the PhytoExquisitesTM Day Cream SPF 30 or the PhytoExquisitesTM Renewing Night Cream, depending on the time of the day. The Day Cream is lighter in texture, but delivers all the vitamins and minerals that skin needs, plus it has a SPF of 30 to protect skin against the harmful effects of the environment. At the end of the day, the Renewing Night Cream delivers richer benefits that promote skin's natural overnight renewal processes.