Know your Skin

Step 1: Identify your skin type

It is important to understand the difference between skin type and skin concerns. The main skin types are Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination – and relate to the skin with which you were born. A skin concern is something that develops over time due to hormonal fluctuations (spots, even acne), too much sun exposure (pigmentation and wrinkles) and the passing of time (lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, etc). Once you have established the basics, you can target specific skin concerns by adding specialist products to your skincare line-up.

Step 2: Find the right products

Once you have established your skin type you need to find those products that support the natural functions of your skin to restore and maintain a perfectly balanced state.

The best time to observe your skin is early morning after a gentle cleanse. The skin repairs at night (and protects itself during the day) so in the morning you first need to cleanse away excreted toxins, impurities and oils. Other factors such as diet and stress can influence the appearance of your skin, which is why it is important to keep a close check on your skin daily, to establish what it needs. Feel the texture of your skin, check for excess oil and examine the size of your pores ...

Our quick skin quiz will help you to identify your skin type correctly:

Does your skin ...

Feel dry and flaky in the morning?
Look dull?
Feel tight and uncomfortable first thing when you wake up?
Have virtually undetectable pores?
Suffer from redness or sensitivity?
And do you feel your products fall short of what your skin actually needs?
You have DRY skin  

Does your skin ...

Feel supple and fresh in the morning?
Stay spot free?
Not show allergic reactions to any skincare products?
Develop dark under-eye circles only when you've had a late night?
And do people comment on what a wonderful skin you have no matter what your age?
You have NORMAL skin  

Does your skin ...

Feel greasy first thing in the morning?
Look shiny in some places even when it feels dry in others?
Create a blotchy texture when you wear foundation?
Suffer from breakouts every once in a while?
Have obvious pores in some areas?
And do you feel confused when it comes to finding the right products?
You have COMBINATION skin  

Does your skin ...

Feel greasy and look shiny all day long?
Have enlarged pores?
Suffer from blackheads and spots in the oilier parts of the face, such as the nose and chin?
And do you wish your skin could feel light and fresh?
You have OILY skin