Bring the spa home

1. Set the scene:

Prepare the room with soft towels, fragrant candles and soothing music.

3. An indulgent bath:

Add bath crystals or a body wash infused with essential oils to treat your skin and help you destress. A soothing, warming bath can help you fall asleep faster, and sleep more soundly.

5. Massage:

Wrap yourself in a warm towel, sit on the side of the bath and work the tension out of your muscles. Use one of the Sh'Zen massage oils for their beautiful slip factor and specialised benefits. Massage softens the skin, boosts circulation and has huge de-stressing benefits.

2. Body brushing:

Use the Sh'Zen Skin Stimulator, wet or dry, to slough off dead cells and prepare the skin to absorb the active ingredients in other Sh'Zen products more effectively. Body brushing boosts circulation, oxygenating the skin and helping flush out toxins, and will help to prevent cellulite.

4. A rejuvenating scrub:

Soften skin and prepare it for the benefits of a moisturising cream with a gentle, exfoliating scrub. It will also boost circulation, leaving skin toned and clear.

6. A rich body lotion:

Seal in moisture after a bath or shower with a protective body cream infused with a soothing or uplifting fragrance.