Body choose your scent

You'll love the dry, fresh scent of the EVERYDAY and REHYDRATING ranges. Calendula combines with the earthiness of Carrot Seed essential oil to remove blockages throughout the body and psyche, releasing the bitterness accumulated within our energetic levels. The fragrance encourages the mind and body to let go of past hurt, allowing contentment to enfold us. We're drawn to this when we're in need of letting go.

The HEAVEN'S SCENT range - a synergy of Rosewood, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium essential oils - is for you. These harmonising, healing essences elevate our psyche and bring a sensuous vitality that counteracts anxiety and moodiness, and soothes the inner child that seeks emotional stability. We are drawn to this fragrance when we seek to elevate our mood and re-connect with our inner beauty.

You'll love the herbal, citrus and spicy notes in the HARMONISING range. It blends the healing and compassionate energies of Lavender and Geranium, the refreshing lift of Mandarin and Lemon, and the sereneness of Sandalwood. Balance and an inner calm of the soul is restored on inhalation of these plant energies. We instinctively seek this scent profile when we need to rest our emotions and rejuvenate our inner peace.

You'll love the intense pink grapefruit scent of the CELLULAR BOOST range. Grapefruit, bursting with freshness and newness, releases endorphins in the brain that uplift the psyche with joyful, spontaneous energy. We are drawn to this fragrance because it charges our psyche with cheerfulness and warm, generous positivity - the perfect start to a fresh new day.

The crisp, floral notes in the DESTRESS range will appeal to you. Melissa encourages a gentle, spiritual energy, bringing release from tension and sorrow; Geranium stabilises mood swings to restore positivity; and the stimulating energy of Lemongrass brings the fizz back to our personality. We are drawn to these aromas when we feel overly sensitive, hurt, restless and melancholy, and crave a fresh, uplifting energy.

You'll be attracted to the spicy floral notes in the MYSTIQUE MARINE range. A blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Mandarin, Lavender and Petitgrain, this scent profile grounds and uplifts us when we're filled with indecision, obsessional addiction, dejection and mental rigidity - the psyche becomes more lucid and is filled with renewed confidence. We're drawn to this blend when we're in need of a focused inner vision.

The fresh, minty notes in the RESISTANCE range will appeal to you. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ti-Tree and Niaouli essential oils invigorate the psyche with renewed clarity and exuberance. This energy brings a dynamic sense of regeneration, wellness and optimism and counteracts sluggishness, confusion and apathy. We are drawn to these plant energies when we are suffering colds in our body and a frozen attitude of mind.

You'll love the VANILLA CASHMERE range. An explosion of sensory delight, Vanilla imparts a warm, joyful energy and we're drawn to its cocooning warmth when we need to restore our serenity. This combines with the generosity of Rose, the balance and security of Geranium, the radiant joy of Bergamot and the inner calm of Sandalwood to caress the sensuous nature of our feminine personality.