Salons and Spa's

The following Sh'Zen products are available in special salon sizes:
PhytoExquisitesTM Cleansing Cream (2 x 125ml) R339
PhytoExquisitesTM Floral Hydrating Mist (500ml + re-fillable 125ml spritzer bottle) R279
PhytoExquisitesTM Gentle Exfoliating Cream (150ml) R379
PhytoExquisitesTM Deep Cleansing Balm (150ml) R379
PhytoExquisitesTM Regenerating Enzyme Gel (150ml) R379
PhytoExquisitesTM Facial Essence (50ml) R465
PhytoExquisitesTM Eye Rejuvenator (30ml) R269
PhytoExquisitesTM Calming Melt-in Mask (150ml) R379
PhytoExquisitesTM Radiant Serum (50ml) R465
PhytoExquisitesTM Day Cream SPF30 (150ml) R379
Natural EssenceTM Purifying Cleansing Gel (500ml) R279
Natural EssenceTM Balancing Toner (500ml + refillable 125ml spritzer bottle) R259
Natural EssenceTM Clarifying Exfoliating Cream (150ml) R319
Natural EssenceTM Rescue Clay Mask (150ml) R319
Natural EssenceTM Skin Life Oil (50ml) R399
Natural EssenceTM Matifying Day Cream SPF30 (150ml) R319
Cuticle Cream (50ml) R169
Exfoliating Cream for Hands (250ml) R229
Buffing Powder (2) R45
Chamois Buffers (2) R50
Emery Buffers (4) R45
Treatment Cream for Hands (250ml) R229
Repair Cream for Hands (250ml) R219
Refining Balm for Hands (250ml) R219
Moisturiser for Feet (250ml) R229
Exfoliator for Feet (250ml) R229
Overnight Balm for Feet (250ml) R229
Relaxing Treatment for Feet (250ml) R229


Wilna van Wyk
Tel: 011 262 3100


Claudette Whitehead
Cell: 082 494 4271


Stephanie Sargent
Tel: 021 785 5509
Cell: 082 563 7680

Barbara Brewer
Tel: 021 701 8555
Cell: 082 353 5925

Suzette Oosthuizen
Tel: 021 919 3072
Cell: 083 412 8750