Sh'Zen Manicure
Sh'Zen Manicure

1. Soak and relax

Soak hands in the Sh'Zen Spa Manicure for five minutes. It will revitalise dull skin, condition and brighten nails, and soften cuticles.

2. Soften and neaten

Smooth tough, unsightly cuticles with the Sh'Zen Cuticle Exfoliant, then push the cuticles back neatly with the Sh'Zen Hoof Stick.

3. Exfoliate and renew

Clean, smooth and soften hands with the Sh'Zen Exfoliating Cream or the Sh'Zen Perfecting Sugar Scrub. Massage into hands with a little warm water to remove the build-up of dry, hard skin.

4. File and shape

Shape nails while sealing the edges with the glass Sh'Zen Nail File. It gives nails a professional, neat look - whether they're long or short.

5. Buff and shine

Smooth and polish the surface of nails with the Sh'Zen Nail Buffing Kit. Use the Emery Buffer to smooth ridges and remove discolouration, and the Chamois Buffer with the buffing powder to polish the nail. It gives nails a natural shine, beautiful on its own or as a smooth base for the perfect application of nail varnish. Regular buffing also increases circulation in the matrix area, which stimulates growth and strength in the nail.

6. Strengthen and repair

Massage the Sh'Zen Matrix Oil into nails to improve their strength, especially if they're weak or damaged, and to stimulate growth. Then apply the Sh'Zen Cuticle Cream onto nails to help repair and condition dry, cracked cuticles.

7. Nurture and treat

Massage your hands using the Sh'Zen Treatment Cream for Hands. Apply 5ml to one hand and massage firmly. After five minutes, repeat the process on the other hand. Apply more cream, cover hands with gloves and wrap in a warm towel. The warmth aids the penetration of the active ingredients and gives skin an intensive moisture boost.

8. Repair and protect

Complete your manicure with the application of one of Sh'Zen's specialised hand creams.
  • The Sh'Zen Perfecting Cream SPF 30 protects skin against sun damage and is deeply moisturising, so is the perfect choice if you spend a lot of time working outdoors.
  • The Sh'Zen Repair Cream contains Allantoin, known for its healing properties, and is ideal for very dry, damaged or sensitive skin. It's also light and easily absorbed.
  • The Sh'Zen Refining Balm has anti-ageing benefits and will improve the texture and tone of your skin. Rich and deeply conditioning, it's the perfect overnight cream.