Sh'Zen Pedicure

1. Soak and revive

Pour 10ml of the Sh'Zen Spa Additive for Feet into a foot spa or warm bowl of water and allow your feet to soak for five minutes. It will clean and freshen your feet, and soften the skin.

2. File and smooth

Use the Sh'Zen Scrub Stone to remove the build up of dead skin around the heels and toes.

3. Scrub and polish

Apply 5ml of The Sh'Zen Exfoliator for Feet to each foot and massage in well. It will slough away dead skin, refresh and nourish your feet.

4. Shape and tidy

Shape toe nails and clean the cuticle area with the help of the Sh'Zen Hoof Stick and Sh'Zen Nail File.

5. Unwind and destress

Give hard-working feet a good massage using any one of Sh'Zen's specialised foot products.

6. Keep cool and fresh

Spray feet and legs with the Sh'Zen Cooling Spritzer, then sprinkle the Sh'Zen Deodorising Powder over your feet and into your shoes. Your feet will feel fresh and smell great for the rest of the day.